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Loving change? Learn how from the gaming community!

Change – it’s a hot topic these days. We all hear it; there’s nothing as constant as change, you need to be proactive to get ahead of the curve, dance with change, thrive with change, etc. As change accelerates; what we know and the skills we have developed today will not necessarily serve us over time.

What can we learn from the gaming community? Plenty apparently! According to John Seely Brown in a recent video blog, the ingredients include a magical mix of collaboration, curiosity and a questing disposition.

He talks about how athletes, artists as well as business folks can apply this mix to rapidly learn together; improving skills and knowledge while creating pathways for amazing trajectories for learning. He shares stories about his 20-year-old neighbor in Hawaii that is part of a small passionate group of surfing buddies that learn using video camera’s, coaching each other and sharing learning’s with each other and the world to share and develop new skills. New tricks are communicated around the globe within 48 hours!

How would this kind of energy, excitement and results impact your team? Your organization? Our world?

One of my favorite quotes in his video blog is “…tinkering brings thought and action together in powerful and magical ways.” Here’s to all you tinkerer’s — get curious! get together! learn together! share your learning’s! embrace change!

Let me know how you make out……


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